20 Wonderful Copper Wire Drawing Dies. Number 16 is Absolutely Stunning.

Wire drawing is a metalworking process when the wire is passed through some dies to be able to reduce its cross-section. For this reason different kinds of PCD Wire Dies are utilized. There are numerous components of a wire drawing machine nevertheless the die and also the lubricants are the main ones for your greater efficiency and quality of produced wire.

The procedure of wire drawing and role of lubricants

The art or process of wire drawing, just like the name implies, is always to draw a wire of any bigger diameter using a hole with smaller diameter hereby lowering the diameter through plastic deformation even though the volume remains the same.

To do this a tool known as a drawing die is commonly used.

There are many forms of machines with this in which the dies are placed using the die hole horizontal to the drawn wire and with proper mechanism to draw the wire and to keep they system clean, cool and moving. They can be:

Single Block Machines

Overtop block on single vertical shaft with 2 dies

Bull Block with riding stripper equipped to function with either 1, 2 or 3 dies

Continuous multi die wire drawing machines

Common for all types of wire drawing machines is to make certain that the wire features a straight pass from the inlet guide pulley from the wire die onto the block. This really is achieved by adjustments around the inlet pulley, the soap box along with the die holder. The operator has to watch there is lubricants inside the soap containers and he needs to constantly keep watch and regularly make sure that the wire is round.

Role of Lubricants

Lubrication within the drawing process is crucial for maintaining good surface finish and long die life. Now there are mostly four different form of lubrication methods - wet drawing, dry drawing, metal coating and ultrasonic vibration.

Various form of lubricants from soap, oil, water based solutions etc can be used for it.

The three main purposes of the lubricant are:
1) To behave as being a coolant,
2) To do something like a cleaner,
3) To supply lubricity.

Production speeds have increased as being the drive technology have improved. Thus the quantity of heat generation has increased. Hence it might be vital for that lubricant to act as a coolant to prolong die life and therefore productivity.

Additionally it is essential for the lubricant to do something as a good cleanser as well as to keep your system running without and blockage through the little residue from the wire which can't be avoided in the wire drawing process.

And as a vital function lubricant provides lubricity to the contacts in between the wire and the die.

So it is essential to create a wise and good lubricant selection to further improve quality and productivity.

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