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Owning your very own water heater has indeed become a necessity than luxury. However, owning one also requires one consequence and that would be repairs. So how do you troubleshoot your water heater? Can you do water heater repair on your own without spending labor costs for factory accredited technicians? The answer is YES.water-heater-repair

Possibilities like the pilot light may be busted or perhaps the hot water is not sufficient enough or perhaps the water may be too hot. How to determine if your water heater needs repair? There are indications that might be helpful for you to see like the existence of a leakage in the system, or a noisy hissing sound or the water inside is dirty.

More often than not, water heaters problems may be attributable to system overwork which has caused damage to the mechanical framework of the system so that, if your water heater holds lesser than the average fifteen gallons per person (e.g. family member), there is definitely something wrong.


In order to check the pilot light, you have to detach the burner panel. Be sure to be mindful of the lighting directions. In order to eliminate that pilot light that has just become busted, set the temperature controls to its lowest settings and then simultaneously turn the gas handle off. be sure to put off the gas handle for at least five (5) minutes for the gas to clear out the surface. Get a piece of paper and light it with the use of a lighter and then, turn the gas handle back. Press the resent button or the gas control knob while holding the burning paper close to the pilot burner to light it up. Be sure to be careful because often times, the burner is hard to reach. If the pilot knob fails to fire up, close the gas regulator device. Making referrals to the gas company would be a wise move. However, if it lights up, continue pressing the reset button then release it simultaneously.

If in any case the pilot knob stays to be sufficiently lighted, turn on the gas controller set the temperature more than 120 degrees (the pilot valve is supposed to light up). If it does not light up, turn off the gas controller off then proceed by checking the tip of the thermocouple and see if it is in place properly so that the flame that is lighted from the pilot touches it then tighten the bolt that holds it. Try lighting it again and if the flame goes out, replace the thermocouple because its definitely destroyed.

For as long you know where to start, doing water heater repair on your own is easy. You do not even need extensive exposure to the mechanics of the device itself. What you need is a user’s manual and then you are good to go.