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Bathroom towels.
Bathroom towels. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is already the holiday season. You have probably been wondering what to give your loved ones this Christmas since they've been getting things from you all these years and you are just fresh out of ideas. You can give them towels! Not just ordinary towels, but stylish, personalized, inexpensive decorative towels.

Bathrooms are often neglected by house owners when it comes to decoration. That is why you know that every person you give a decoration towel to will appreciate it because it could possibly be the first bathroom decoration they could ever have.

There are multiple ways to make decorative towels interesting for your loved ones to enjoy it this holiday season. Decorative towels give that high end look to your kitchen or bathroom. If you’re the type of person who want to emphasize color, then this is just the thing you need. Say you have a bathroom with a green motive, throw in there a darker green shade of a towel and all the greens will pop out better. Your kitchen's motive will be more eye-catching. If you're bathroom have maroon marble tires and pink candles, hang an auburn colored decorative towel to blend the light pink and dark maroon color. Remember though that if you go with a solid colored towel, that you choose the perfect color, otherwise it just looks like an ordinary towel. You can also try layering different sizes of bath towels or sheets with matching colors or different shades of one color as an accent to your washroom.

Decorative towels are compatible to everyone. You can give a shabby chic design to your niece or a vintage decorative towel to your mom. If you're not sure of your receiver's personality, go with earth tone colors like cream or brown to make sure it blends with any design or theme. You could personalize decorative towels through embroidery. You can embroider names or patterns or even pictures, just make sure that that they don't look like too much for just a towel. If they do, you can frame them as artwork so you can hang them on the wall as proof of your creativity.

If you want to use decorative towels for yourself, here are tips on how to make them stand out in your home. Hang your bath towel on the first layer of towel bar and the decorative towel on the second layer. You can also roll them and tie ribbons with different shades of the same color as your towel. You can embroider accessories or mix and match them with other colored towels.

Decorative towels are perfect gifts because they are meant for decorating. It will give your loved ones an idea of what theme they can apply when they redecorate their house in the coming new year. Enjoy shopping and making your own decorative towels!